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Enjoying Manhattan while my husband worked a Secret Service mission guarding Pope Francis in Times Square in 2015.



About Theresa H.

Theresa Handrahan works for the Department of Homeland Security as a Customs and Border Protection officer.  CBPO Handrahan began her writing career as Combat Correspondent in the United States Marine Corps in 1991.  When she finished her commitment, she floundered rudderless for a decade with no personal or career direction.

In 2006, she ran across an ad on soliciting qualified candidates to apply to become Border Patrol Agents. She came in just under the age limit.   She joined on a whim, wanting to make a new life for herself.  She had thought the Patrol would have a camaraderie similar to the Marine Corps, and was surprised to find it competitive and somewhat cutthroat.  Nonetheless, she found she did have a knack for the work.  Over time she made her alliances and found a comfortable seat within the agency.

During this challenging initiation, she began dating Orlando, a technology specialist who eventually put his skills to use with Homeland Security so the two could share geography and eventually marry.  Orlando had a young daughter, whom they raised jointly with her mother and step father.  The year she turned 18, Orlando and Theresa adopted two brothers from the Texas foster care system.  The four currently live on a ranch on the Texas/ Mexico border.

Hepcy Zug was an alter ego that Theresa developed to therapeutically deal with trials she has faced down over the last ten years.  Her plots are pure fiction, but woven colorfully with her real life experience.  What separates Theresa from her character Hepcy is that she has a delightful group of friends and family to support and encourage her in her efforts to make a better life.




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